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Aus imposes sanctions on Libya regime

SYDNEY: Australia said it will impose sanctions on the Libyan regime of Moamer Kadhafi, as it urged the United Nations to take “strong and decisive” action against the administration.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said the Libyan regime”s use of violence against its people was “deeply disturbing and completely unacceptable”.

“The time has come for Australia to reflect its grave concern by enacting these practical measures,” he said in a statement released from Cairo late Saturday.

The travel and financial sanctions imposed by Australia will cover 22 figures in the Libyan regime, including Kadhafi and members of his family as well as senior military and security personnel.

The sanctions will prohibit these 22 from visiting or transiting in Australia or engaging in financial transactions with Australians. Australia will also impose an arms embargo on Libya.

Australia has pressed the UN Security Council to act against Tripoli.

“We are urging that the Security Council pass resolutions which enable the world to speak with one voice and to further isolate the Kadhafi regime,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said Sunday.

“Kadhafi is set on a murderous and violent path and the world does need to speak with one voice in absolute condemnation of this conduct.”

Australia”s consular staff have been withdrawn from Tripoli and the government has concerns about one Australian who is being detained by Libyan security forces, Gillard said.

Successful Internet Marketing: Your Products And Services On The Web

You are hurting your business if you are not using internet marketing techniques. There are a ton of benefits to marketing on the internet. Here are some tips on how you can improve your internet marketing approach, and why better marketing is so important.

Links that are used on every page of a website, particularly when they appear in the same area of each page, are known as site-wide links. Assisting your visitors is of the utmost importance. Do this by offering a link to your product page or even your product review page if you wish. The link should be included on every single page of your site to direct your traffic where you want it to go. Link menus, or site maps, can be very useful for keeping your website organized and easy to use. Organize the descriptors of your menu links well, and make sure that they are concise and easy to understand.

Search engine spiders will use meta tags to classify your site. These tags are a crucial part of your HTML code that will not be seen by any human, just the search bots. The meta tags that you use must include keywords that are relevant to your content for them to be effective. Avoid going overboard with the meta tags that you use, but look into using alternative tags for your web pages. Put in time to look into the most important keywords for your target audience, and then apply them as meta tags appropriately.

Always use HTML to bold the most important segments of your internet website. If you do this, you have more control over what the search engines look at with respect to your site, as they deem bold text as more important. In addition, it’s a great technique to use when you want to attract the reader’s attention to some specific content. Use keywords in titles of all your posts too.

Experiment with new promotion ideas for your online business. SEO can do a lot for your website, but you should not neglect Internet marketing. Knowing and using what is viral at any given moment can help you supplement your regular site traffic. Although most buzz is short lived after videos have gone viral, it can still be a good tool for some instant sales. People tend to pass videos on to their friends, essentially helping you gain interest in your product. You can’t know what content will take off and become popular. Just do your best to produce funny and original content, and share it in as many places as you can. Although there is a lot of luck involved in creating a viral hit, there are some common threads that seem to run through viral content.

The internet marketing strategies discussed here are only the tip of the iceberg. After applying these tips, you should try to find more ideas that can boost your internet marketing strategy.




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